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City Fish

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AB, Canada
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Founded in 1986 by Nelson Leung and David Yip, City Fish originally began as a small family retail store. City Fish has since expanded into a complete wholesale and distribution center providing restaurants and fish markets in metropolitan Calgary and its surrounding areas with fresh, frozen, and live seafood. 

With suppliers from across Canada, South America, New Zealand, and Asia, City Fish receives daily shipments of Arctic char, Pacific cod, yellowfin tuna, and other products – ensuring a fresh, great tasting fish. They also feature a large selection of frozen, live, breaded, and smoked products. An Ocean Wise partner, the team at City Fish is dedicated to sustainability and to meeting all your seafood needs. 

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Bay 8, 3515 - 27 Street NE
Calgary, AB T1Y5E4
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Yellowfin Tuna
Pacific Ocean - West Central
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Ocean Wise: Recommended
Yellowfin Tuna
Pacific Ocean - East
Hand-Operated Pole-and-Lines; Trolling Lines
Ocean Wise: Recommended