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The Fishin' Company

Importer, Processor, Wholesaler
PA, United States
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The Fishin’ Company of Munhall, Pennsylvania is the largest importer of tilapia in the world and one of the largest importers of frozen fish, with offices and processing sites located around the world. Established in 2002, the minority-owned company was built on the principles of supplying the highest quality products, at the lowest prices possible, while providing an unmatchable level of customer service. The Fishin’ Company focuses every day on building strong, long-lasting partnerships with its customers, and have the distinct honor of continuing to supply many of its original customers.

Today, The Fishin’ Company supplies many of the largest retailers and food services companies in the world. Offering a wide range of sustainably sourced, wild-caught and farm-raised seafood products that are MSC and BAP certified, the company's products include species such as tilapia, salmon, cod, swai, haddock, snow crab, and mussels. The relationships the company has formed by working directly with farmers and hatcheries are the foundation of The Fishin’ Company’s supply chain. Operating its own feed mill, farm base, and processing facility in China allows for closer monitoring of products and allows the company to better understand the true cost of producing the items that it provides to customers. Partnering closely with organizations, including the GAA, SFP, and IDH, to conduct farmer-training camps through iBAP allows The Fishin' Company to increase the volume of high-quality, sustainable seafood that is on the market.

The Fishin’ Company is honored to have partnerships with leading organizations that are deeply committed to quality, growth, and the sustainability of the seafood industry. Working with NGOs who continue to move the industry in the right direction, The Fishin’ Company follows the direction of partners like SFP, GAA, and the MSC to determine when and where it should purchase their seafood products. As a company, The Fishin’ Company dedicates itself to driving positive change in the industry every single day and to build a supply of seafood that can be trusted and depended on for generations to come.

Seafood Certifications

Marine Stewardship Council Certified

  • MSC-C-50407

Best Aquaculture Practices 2-Star

  • BAP Marketplace Endorser

Best Aquaculture Practices 3-Star (Hatchery)

  • BAP Marketplace Endorser

Best Aquaculture Practices 4-Star

  • BAP Marketplace Endorser

Sustainability Partnerships

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3714 Main Street
Munhall, PA 15120
United States
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Pacific Ocean - West Central
Seafood Watch: Best Choice
Yellowfin Tuna
Pacific Ocean - East
Purse Seine - Unassociated
Seafood Watch: Good Alternative
Yellowfin Tuna
Indian Ocean
Seafood Watch: Good Alternative
Yellowfin Tuna
Atlantic Ocean - North
Drifting Longlines
Seafood Watch: Avoid