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The Lobster Place Wholesale Seafood

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The Lobster Place Wholesale Seafood of New York City is a second-generation, family-owned processor and distributor of fresh, live, and frozen seafood. Founded in 1974 by Rod and Joan MacGregor, their flagship business The Lobster Place focused on bringing the flavors of the rugged Maine coast to the restaurants and food shoppers of New York City. Truly embodying the concept of “an honest day’s work” in all they did, Rod and Joan built relationships with their employees, vendors, and customers based on integrity. Building on the same integrity Rod and Joan brought to the business; The Lobster Place Wholesale Seafood has grown steadily over the years and now offers a rich variety of fresh, live and frozen seafood to the tri-state foodservice market from its state of the art processing facility in Hunts Point, Bronx.

As the only wholesaler in New York who has its own bustling retail store, restaurant, and oyster bar, The Lobster Place Wholesale Seafood has a unique perspective of the varied needs of their customers. Serving over 750 restaurants, hotels, caterers, and the cruise ship industry in the greater New York metropolitan area, they’re proud to be industry leaders in quality, service, food safety, and sustainability. As part of their commitment to the stewardship of the environment and marine resources, The Lobster Place Wholesale Seafood has partnered with the Ocean Wise Seafood Conservation Program to help their customers make informed, sustainable seafood choices. Their commitment to environmental stewardship extends to their seafood sourcing. Carrying products from across the globe, whenever possible, they source fish from responsibly managed fisheries and fish farms whose methods ensure a high-quality product while minimizing environmental impact.

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