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ACUINOR (Acuícola del Norte S.A.)

ACUINOR (Acuícola del Norte S.A.) was established in 2006 in the city of Caldera, Chile, and has since made a name for itself producing yellowtail amberjack using recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS). ACUINOR began its operations in 2008, and its facility makes Chile the second country (after Australia) to achieve commercial production of yellowtail amberjack in recirculating systems and the first company to export live juveniles worldwide. The company is currently exporting its fish (fresh, whole round) to the European market as well as to select markets in the United States.

Yellowtail amberjack is a prized pelagic fish with excellent export prospects. Since its inception, ACUINOR has been on the cutting edge of yellowtail amberjack aquaculture research and development, having designed and implemented an inland recirculating system specific to the needs of the fish. ACUINOR’s entire production occurs using a land-based RAS and is part of a larger effort underway to diversify Chilean aquaculture. Its amberjack is raised without the use of antibiotics and ACUINOR is committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly aquaculture practices.

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Please contact Acuícola del Norte S.A. (ACUINOR) for all delivery and distribution options.

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