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Airson Seafood

Airson Seafood is a family owned and operated purveyor of Icelandic-caught seafood founded in 2015 in Reykjavik, Iceland. Their business, built on the cornerstones of providing quality seafood that is both fresh and sustainably caught, is committed to providing the best, and most environmentally friendly products for their customers.

Airson Seafood offers a variety of products from Atlantic cod and haddock to Atlantic wolfish and cusk. All of their products are caught in Icelandic waters and are made available to customers from around the world the very next day. Continuing their commitment to transparency, Airson also offers 100% traceability for every product that they send abroad, ensuring that every customer can track their seafood from sea to plate.

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Please contact Airson Seafood for more information on available delivery and distribution options.

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