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Aqualine Seafoods Ltd.

Aqualine Seafoods Ltd, located in Greater Vancouver, British Columbia, is a leading Canadian wholesale supplier of wild sustainable fish products. At Aqualine Seafoods, they can meet the needs of international clients for many types of premium quality seafood through their vast network of fisheries and processing facilities.

Aqualine Seafoods Ltd was founded by Jock Bray, Chief Executive Officer of Port Fish (P.A.) Ltd, a company with a heritage of four generations of fishing families. At that time, their primary business was marketing Port Fish and Viking Enterprise products worldwide. However, to be able to meet the growing needs of international customers, their supply network had to be increased.

Aqualine Seafoods today is much better positioned to move large volumes of fish products thanks to strong and enduring relationships with local fisheries and processing facilities, both fixed and mobile. As a reliable seafood supplier Aqualine Seafoods with its vast partnership network is a long-term business partner for numerous customers all over the world.

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Truck delivery available via common carrier, Ocean Freight delivery available as well.

+1 (604) 940-9111
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