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AquaPrime Mussel Ranch

Located in Ship Harbour, on the beautiful Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia, AquaPrime has been farming mussels for 23 years. The mussel farm operates year-round and processes the shellfish in their own facility on site. The proximity of the farm sites to the processing facility means AquaPrime can quite literally can have mussels out of the water and on your table in the same day.

Mussel aquaculture only removes from the ocean what was inserted. Mussel farming requires clean water because the mussels feed by filtering sea water.  When is comes to mussels they really are what they eat, making them a wonderful monitor or indicator of the ocean's health and well being. They also have the added value of removing carbon dioxide from the ocean for shell formation. Mussel farming is endorsed by environmental groups such as The Audubon Society, Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch and Eco-Fish. AquaPrime Mussel Ranch Ltd. is a member of the Ocean Wise Healthy Oceans Program.

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Delivery available by truck in North America. Export services to Europe.

+1 (902) 845-2993
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