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Arctic Fisheries Ltd.

Arctic Fisheries Ltd. is a fourth-generation seafood production, import and wholesale company. The company's offerings include seafood items from throughout the Arctic with multiple product types and species. Sustainability of the resources they have access to is imperative. Honesty, integrity and values are Arctic Fisheries' guiding lights and its customers’ business goals and successes are paramount.

Arctic Fisheries Ltd. is a National Fisheries Institute (NFI) member and serves on the Board of Directors as well as on many Task Forces for the Better Seafood Board. The company also participates in the NFI Future Leaders program.

The company's product offerings include: Atlantic cod, haddock, saithe (Atlantic pollock), Atlantic ocean perch, Iceland scampi lobster, snow crab, lobster, king crab, santolla crab, japonicus crab, angulatus crab, bairdi crab, Pacific cod, and Pacific pollock amongst others. Arctic Fisheries Ltd. employs accepted fishing practices and produces fillets and H&G at sea. Further, all of their species are available in many product forms.

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Delivery available via common carrier in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom.

+1 (716) 632-3633
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