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Atlantic Shellfish Products Inc.

Atlantic Shellfish Products Inc. was started in 1997 to purchase, grade and sell wild caught oysters and quahogs (hard shell clams). Since that time Atlantic Shellfish has increased its customer base in the north-east United States and across Canada. They seasonally ship from May 1 to mid February of the following year. Atlantic Shellfish Products supplies a consistent, quality product reliably to a continually developing customer base that has come to appreciate excellent service. The South Lake brand is unique to Atlantic Shellfish coming from a superb lease on eastern PEI. In 2013 the company will have commercial production from Nova Scotia selling under the brand name of Malagash select or fancy oysters. Their association with their family owned and operated mussel processing plant, PEI Mussel King Inc., compliments oyster and quahog sales with top quality fresh and cooked frozen mussels. PEI Mussel King Inc. has cooked frozen mussels in various sauces as well as natural flavor.

Overnight Delivery
Distribution Notes

Delivery available via air freight and truck in North America. Minimum order for truck delivery is 500 lbs. Overnight delivery available via FedEx as well.

+1 (902) 961-3400
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