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Barlean's Fishery, Inc.

Originally established in 1972, Barleans Fishery Inc. is now in its second generation as seafood specialists, with the next generation already growing quickly! The Barlean family has always dedicated its heart and energies to make every family, near and far, proud to prepare and serve Barleans seafoods by providing the freshest seafood available. When Dave Barlean quit his job as a pipe fitter and decided to go reef-netting full time he redesigned the traditional canoe style boats into a catamaran style and changed the reef netting industry.

These new style of boats has allowed Barleans Fishery to produce the highest quality wild salmon available. By owning three boats and using some advance telemarketing for the times, Barbara and Dave Barlean were able to deliver fresh salmon across the state within hours of being harvested. Although they are the most efficient ecologically and the best method for the freshest salmon around, today, there are only 11 boats in existence, all located in the San Juan Islands.

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