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Barry Group, Inc.

Founded in 1854 in Corner Brook, Newfoundland, Barry Group Inc. is a distributor, processor, and wholesaler of Canadian-caught seafood.

During the 1960s, the advent of modern technology presented promising business opportunities and, as a result, the Barry Group placed greater focus on quality, customer service, and marketing, while significantly expanding the customer base and production with more diverse species and packs. The responsible expansion of the Barry Group was contrived in the final decade of the last century with strategic access to more processing plants and expanded quotas. This expansion also allowed the company to begin diversifying domestically and internationally. Today, a large and skillful workforce throughout Atlantic Canada processes thousands of tons of fish from an expanding list of species for the demanding and competitive international market. With a number of sustainably sourced products, Barry Group Inc. has earned MSC certification in particular for its northern shrimp.

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Truck or container load. Minimum order is species and location dependent, please contact the Barry Group, Inc. for more details.

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