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Beyond the Sea Sales and Marketing, Inc.

Rich Karwowski, founder & President of Beyond the Sea Sales & Marketing is a former Seafood Category Manager with over 15 years of experience with one of the largest big box grocery retail stores. In his prior capacity, Rich was responsible for writing all merchandising programs, policy and procedures, buying, training and headed the all natural/organic division. Rich also worked as a consultant for value added companies developing successful retail-friendly and value added items, and at the same time worked in a fresh fish house in the Boston area where he tried to get his vision in motion.  However he found that one man’s vision may not be another man’s vision and went onto build his own company, Beyond the Sea sales & Marketing. The company’s philosophy is to continuously work on bringing together the best seafood producers with unique items closer to the end users, acting as the sales and marketing department, a true extension of the producers. 

Together, Rich and his team of experts have decades of experience in retail, sales, marketing, production and merchandising of seafood products domestically and internationally. John Hassard, our Account Executive in New Jersey has over 25 years of experience in the seafood industry. While living in New England, John was a Seafood Specialist for a local retailer responsible for Seafood Departments in that chain and was responsible for training, teaching and case presentation skills development; he also had most recently been selling seafood to retailers and distributors. 

Beyond the Sea works closely with end users and producers, develops promotional programs that help move the products from the shelf and display cases into the consumers’ homes. This could take the form of price specials, ads, in-store demos, and other programs that are beneficial to you and your customers that we fine-tune and implement together with you.

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