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Blue Evolution

Blue Evolution is a seaweed company which grows, harvests and processes sustainable seaweed up and down the Pacific Coast of North America. Blue Evolution is delighted to bring its customers high-quality seaweed products. The company believes in the importance of connecting customers to the places where the seaweed comes from and the people who harvest them.

In Mexico, Blue Evolution works with a local university to grow seaweed in a dynamic biological environment. The company has learned from renowned seaweed experts and grad students alike to help operate its own onshore farm in Baja California. In Alaska, the company works with local fishermen during their offseason in operating a commercial seaweed hatchery where local spores are propagated and seeding lines are outplanted.

Blue Evolution cares deeply about sustainably sourcing the ocean for food on a grand scale. The company's mission focuses on reducing the world's dependence on freshwater food production, shifting food systems towards renewables and de-acidifying the ocean. Blue Evolution also plans to shift its operations to renewable energy inputs by 2020.


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