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Cape Canaveral Shrimp Co.

For over four generations, Cape Canaveral Shrimp Company has provided local, wild-caught seafood on the Florida coast. The family-owned company in Titusville and Port Canaveral now carries a wide selection of the oceans best seafood. Most of their seafood finds it way across the docks in Port Canaveral, but they also carry seafood from locations throughout the southeast from waterways such as the Indian River, the St. John River, and the Banana River.

They sell a variety of shellfish, shrimp, crab, lobster, and finfish. Their commitment to quality, wild-caught seafood has been their trademark. Their belief in sustainability and the importance of choosing local food has lead them to partner with Slow Foods Orlando Convivium.

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Overnight delivery available as well as common carrier

+1 (321) 269-1116
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