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Captain's Choice Seafood

Captain's Choice Seafood was founded in September 2012 by Robert Hildago. The company began as a chum company, supplying chum to fisherman in South Florida. They decided to expand into seafood, and sources their fish daily from day-boat and short trip boats in Florida. They maintain a direct relationships with their fishermen, and are often at the docks when shipments arrive. The fishermen hired at Captain’s Choice Seafood adhere to Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission laws that protect and conserve marine ecosystems. The seafood products are packaged and transported by Captain’s Choice in refrigerated vans. Their number one priority is to maintain the integrity and quality of their products according to and exceeding HACCP standards.

Overnight Delivery
Distribution Notes

Overnight delivery available via FedEx in the United States and Canada.

+1 (305) 815-8290
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