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Carelian Caviar

Carelian Caviar is a Nordic producer of Siberian sturgeon caviar founded in 2004. Carelian Caviar’s farm is located in North Carelia, Finland - fortuitously located between two lake systems, literally awash with huge amounts of fresh water that enables them to use innovative recirculation technology to farm sturgeon in a controlled indoor environment.

Raising their sturgeon in a Recirculating Aquaculture System with access to cold, clean water, Carelian Caviar is able to produce some of the world's best caviar. Close monitoring of the sturgeon from spawn to roe enables the production of luxurious caviar with perfectly balanced texture, aroma, and flavor. By cultivating their sturgeon this way, Carelian Caviar is directly supporting the preservation of wild sturgeon populations.

All original label Carelian Caviar is guaranteed 100% natural and sustainable, ethically farmed and harvested in Finland, and is completely free from antibiotics, hormones, artificial colors, chemicals, GMOs and preservatives. The company is also ISO 22000-certified which is a food safety management program.

In addition to their sustainable farming methods, Carelian Caviar has detailed policies guiding everything it does including working closely with their neighbors to ensure complete sustainability. Both sustainability and quality are a top priority as the company continues to develop knowledge and strive to treat their farmed fish, nature, society at large, customers and consumers with deep respect.

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Worldwide delivery available. Please contact Carelian Caviar for available delivery and distribution options.

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