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Central California Seafood Marketing Association


Founded in 2012, the Central California Seafood Marketing Association (CCSMA) is a non-profit fishermen’s cooperative marketing association based in Morro Bay, California. A member of the California Groundfish Collective, CCSMA currently represents five small, independent vessel owners and operatives and is working to help stabilize fishing activity and business in Morro Bay. Working closely with their fishermen, CCSMA is providing quality and locally harvested seafood to consumers while protecting the productivity of California’s fish stocks and habitats. 

CCSMA’s values are established on “triple bottom line” (social, environmental, and economic) foundation. Much of their work is devoted to responsible harvesting that conserves the health of fish stocks. CCSMA participates in the highly regulated West Coast Groundfish Fishery and is among the other local groups working with The Nature Conservancy as part of the California Groundfish Collective. 

CCSMA also works to maintain and build the economic and social vibrancy of their fishing businesses and the communities they are apart of. CCSMA is committed to building regional recognition, demand, and value for member brands and products. In 2013, CCSMA fishermen harvested nearly 1.5 million pounds of sablefish, sole, rockfish, and flatfish – much of which was sold and only available in California. Through their environmental efforts, customers can be assured of CCSMA’s promise of a sustainable, local, and traceable fish. 


The California Groundfish Collective is a group of fishermen along the coast of California that have teamed up to adapt our businesses to create healthier oceans, and better, more productive fisheries. We’re partnering with the Nature Conservancy and each other using innovative technology to share data to map and direct our fishing, and protect sensitive species and habitats.  Together we’re creating healthier oceans and stronger fishing businesses in our communities. 

The California Groundfish Collective is made up of fishing associations from Fort Bragg, Half Moon Bay, and Morro Bay. Working with the Nature Conservancy we’re securing our communities’ fishing heritage and bringing in fresh local seafood. These collaborative efforts have resulted in the highest sustainability rankings from the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch Program of ‘Green/Best Choice’ for our seafood.

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Delivery available in California via the Central California Seafood Marketing Association. Please contact the association for delivery details outside of California. 

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