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Chatham Seafood Enterprises

Chatham Seafood Enterprises was started by Linda and Scott Kelley in Chatham Massachusetts in 1997, providing local seafood to their local community. The Cape Cod Weir Harvest Community Supported Fishery is a program of Chatham Fisheries Inc. and Chatham Seafood Enterprises/ Georges Place. The Cape Cod Weir Harvest (CCWH) Community Supported Fishery (CSF) is a new CSF that works together with local weir fishermen and shore-side operations to deliver fresh seafood to members. Each week their seafood is delivered to Chatham Natural Market in Chatham, CCWH members pick up their shares of fresh seafood. This arrangement benefits local fishermen, the environment, the local economy, and CCWH members. Local weir fishermen are helped by having new, more sustainable, markets for their product. Because the distance traveled and its carbon footprint of putting dinner on your plate is greatly reduced, the environment benefits. By keeping all costs community-based, the local economy prospers.

Overnight Delivery
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Pick-up available at George's Fish Market. Overnight and air delivery available via FedEx and UPS

+1 (508) 432-5493
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