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Founded in 2013, Chefs Trading is USA-based international seafood import and export company, specializing in sourcing, logistics, and technology. The company focuses on using a 100% boots on the ground approach to sourcing high-quality seafood products at fresh off the boat pricing, with the logistical capacity to reach anywhere within 24 hours. The goal of Chefs Trading is to ensure everyone, regardless of location, can have access to fresh seafood and to help fisheries become more sustainable.  

Chefs Trading is owned and operated by chefs who are passionate about people and seafood, who care about social responsibility, traceability, and sustainability. The company's pioneering CT Tag™ technology gives the customers the ability to trace products back to their origins. This lets customers verify that fish have come from a vetted, trusted fishery, and ensures the chain of sustainability has not been broken. Anyone buying seafood from Chefs Trading can be assured that the fish have been harvested and prepared via responsible and legal means.

Chefs Trading also recognizes the importance of being committed to not only quality but the sustainability of its products as well, especially when it comes to ensuring the continued balance and success of the ecosystems from which its products come from. Chefs Trading knows sustainability starts at the source which is why it partners with only well-managed fisheries and farms. In addition, the company works to support Fishery Improvement Projects (FIPs) to ensure the ongoing sustainability of the seafood industry. Chefs Trading is actively working with some its suppliers to establish a FIP in Costa Rica and it will continue to provide monetary support, alongside access to professional resources to FIPs in order to help fisheries learn about and put into place best practices for sustainability.



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31 results
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Bristol Seafood United States Maine
Chefs Trading United States District of Columbia
Cox's Wholesale Seafood, LLC. United States Florida
Del Pacifico Seafoods LLC United States California
Diamond Head Seafood Wholesale, Inc. United States Hawaii
Handy Seafood Incorporated United States Maryland
Hilo Fish Company, Inc. United States Hawaii
IncredibleFish, Inc. United States Florida
J.P.'s Shellfish, Inc. United States Maine
Lihini Sea Foods Ltd Sri Lanka
Lotus Seafood Inc. United States California
Maine Shellfish Company United States Maine
Meliomar, Inc. Philippines
MiCal Seafood, Inc. United States Florida
Netuno USA United States Florida
Norpac Fisheries Export United States Hawaii
North Atlantic, Inc. United States Maine
Orca Bay Seafoods, Inc. United States Washington
Orca Seafoods Mexico Yucatán
Paul Piazza & Son, Inc. United States Louisiana
Pescanova USA United States Florida
PT. Hatindo Makmur Indonesia Bali
Sea Delight, LLC. United States Florida
Seafarers, Inc. United States Florida
SmartFish Mexico Distrito Federal
The Fishin' Company United States Pennsylvania
The Tuna Store LLC United States Washington
Tropic Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
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