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Day Boat Seafood LLC
Day Boat Seafood LLC is the owner of the largest US longline swordfish fleet. Supporting the US East Coast swordfish fleet and fishing community since 2006, Day Boat Seafood LLC is committed to providing sustainable and responsibly-sourced swordfish and tuna products from its dedicated fishermen to both US and international markets. The goal of the company is to "always do the right thing" and Day Boat Seafood strives to protect the ocean while supporting local fishing communities. 
The company holds MSC Certification for FAO21 and FAO31 swordfish, yellowfin tuna, and albacore tuna. Day Boat Seafood is proud of the MSC certification for its pelagic swordfish fishery as it was the first company to attain certification for a pelagic fishery. Day Boat is also involved with traceability efforts. Tags with barcoded catch information are attached to each fish to assure complete traceability from ocean to market.
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LTL, air freight, full container frozen. Please contact Day Boat Seafood for additional information on delivery and distribution options.

+1 (617) 652-4153
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