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Founded in 1984 with two employees, DiCarlo Seafood has slowly grown larger while holding true to the same values – high-quality products and exceptional service – that have made the business successful over the past three decades. DiCarlo Seafood believes its customers deserve only the finest quality seafood available. That is why the business buys from the suppliers it does – their products remain high-quality and consistent and their food safety standards are strongly adhered to.

The company’s product list consists of all types of fresh seafood and shellfish sourced throughout the U.S. DiCarlo Seafood also are direct importers of seafood from Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, and various countries in South and Central America. Customers who buy from DiCarlo Seafood also have the ability to learn specific information about the seafood product they purchase. A Unique Harvest ID provided can tell the purchaser the name of the boat and the fisherman who caught the fish, along with the harvest location and method.

Although selling seafood is the focus of its operation, the business manages itself as if it were a customer service business. Maintaining great relationships with vendors and customers alike and providing the extra effort to deliver its quality products in a timely manner – that has been the secret to DiCarlo Seafood’s growth and success.

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Truck and air. Please contact DiCarlo Seafood Company for more information on delivery and distribution options.

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