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Domstein has been a fish supplier for almost 100 years. Our aim is to continue to supply good and healthy marine products - to do so we are dependent on sustainable management of fish stocks, fishery and processing. Domstein is aware of the consequences and has induced a high environmental standard in all parts of the business. We therefore guarantee that these products have been handled and processed in a sustainable way.

The raw materials of Domstein’s products derive from sustainable fish stocks of Norwegian origin. We only process fish from vessels with documented quotas and we guarantee full traceability throughout the entire value chain. The catch area is far out at sea, so avoiding the catch of coastal cod.

Domstein use hook and line caught cod only. This method of fishing is gentle on the marine environment, and gives far less by catch. Our modern longline vessels have low fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. All products are processed and packed at Domstein’s plants in Norway and Sweden, guaranteeing complete traceability. Short distance fron the fishing grounds to the markets results in lower energy consumption and smaller carbon footprints. We make us of ecological ingredients where possible.

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