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Eco Shrimp Garden LLC

Eco Shrimp Garden is an environmentally friendly, indoor shrimp farm located in historic Newburgh, New York. Founded in 2015, Eco Shrimp Garden’s business is rooted in the principle of creating a tasteful, natural, and sustainable product that makes a difference in the lives of their customers, employees, community, and the environment. All of their business practices come back to the idea that it’s possible to feed the world without threatening the environment or endangering human health.

As an urban shrimp farm, Eco Shrimp Garden exercises that concept and uses basements and unused spaces for food production. These practices helping to boost the local economy, reduce transportation emissions, and thus furthering their mission of creating a more sustainable future. Raising their whiteleg shrimp in salt water that mimics their natural environment and feeding them an all natural diet results in a crispy, delicate, and flavorful shrimp. Free of chemicals, hormones, antibiotics, and preservatives, all shrimp from Eco Shrimp Garden are sold fresh (never frozen) and delivered within hours after harvest.

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Berger Tzabar
+1 (845) 561-2048
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