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Founded in 2013, Edenworks is an indoor aquaponics company based in Brooklyn, New York, growing both produce and hybrid striped bass. All their fish are grown using recirculating systems free of antibiotic and hormone use. Within their systems, any waste generated from their fish is broken down and the nutrients are made available to plants that the business then grows. In turn, the plants filter the water that the fish grows in. This system uses no pesticides, uses less water than conventional farms, and generates zero runoff.

Edenworks has procured patents related to lowering the cost of using aquaponics by using a vertically stacked indoor system. Edenworks is also focusing on research and development of new aquaponic systems and will soon be raising shrimp and salmon. They are also trialing a vegetarian feed for their striped bass and if trials are successful, Edenworks will soon make the switch over to all vegetarian-based feeds.

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Door to door shipping is available. Please contact Edenworks for additional information on delivery and distribution options.

+1 (310) 804-1305
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