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Ekstrom Aquaculture, LLC.

Ekstrom Aquaculture's farms are family-owned and operated with pride. Careful farm inventory and management and experience have made Ekstrom Aquaculture a producer of premium fish for over 20 years. Consistent availability is one of the greatest services the company provides.

Ekstrom Aquaculture harvests to order several times weekly. Fish are sold fresh, never frozen. The fish contain no hormones and no antibiotics and are a 100% traceable product of the USA. Ekstrom Aquaculture is committed to operating responsibly to preserve natural resources for future generations. The company is committed to meeting the growing consumer demand for quality fish without negatively impacting wild fisheries or the environment.

Ekstrom Aquaculture covers Silver Streak® Hybrid Striped Bass and Copper Shoals® Red Drum. Hybrid striped bass and red durm have light, snow-white flesh, delightfully mild flavor profiles, and are rich in Omega 3s.

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Twice weekly truck delivery available to U.S. and Canadian customers. 

+1 (979) 543-8989
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