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As a company based in Oregon, FishPeople's mission is to provide high-quality, environmentally and socially conscious Pacific Northwest seafood products. FishPeople grew from the partnership between Duncan Berry and Kipp Baratoff. Berry, once one of the youngest commercial fishermen captains on the Oregon Coast, and Baratoff, a veteran of finance, green real estate, and natural resource management bonded over concern for the state of coastal fisheries. They saw how overfishing had reduced many fish stocks and how a majority of the catch, jobs, and nutrition were being shipped overseas. In 2012, they founded FishPeople to “re-imagine North America’s relationship to the sea”. Today, their commitment to transparency and passion for sustainability contribute to restoring resources and habitats and fueling American livelihoods by working with independent, American fishermen.

FishPeople Seafood is committed to:

  • Harvesting only sustainable seafood species.
  • Keeping the value of our seafood in local, U.S. communities.
  • Increasing access to quality seafood by making it convenient and affordable.
  • Using transparent business practices to engage and inform our customers.
  • Raising awareness of the health of our oceans.
  • Making chef-inspired food you can enjoy every day.

FishPeople offers a variety of seafood products ranging from soups to entrees starters to frozen fillets. FishPeople also offers Seafood Starter Kits. Each Kit comes with two wild American sustainably-caught fish fillets, a chef-crafted topper and garnish, a moisture lock tray and foil and a step-by-step instruction card. FishPeople products can be found in grocery stores across the country and its Seafood Starter Kits are also available via online delivery through vendors such as AmazonFresh. These products include a code which can be entered on FishPeople’s website that allows consumers to learn more about where their seafood came from and who caught it.

FishPeople is also proud to be a certified B Corporation, meaning that the company doesn’t only factor in profit when making decisions, they also consider people and the planet. It works to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency on a daily basis.

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