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F/V St. Jude

The Malleys are a family business based in Seattle. Joe Malley started out salmon trolling in Sitka, Alaska in 1978. From salmon trolling he moved into longlining, pursuing halibut, blackcod and Pacific cod around the Gulf of Alaska. Presently Joe owns the 95-foot fishing vessel St. Jude, which trolls solely for albacore tuna in the North and South Pacific.

F/V St. Jude fishes for albacore 12 months a year. The fish are individually caught on hooks and lures dragged behind the boat. Each fish is landed and handled on a cushioned platform to prevent bruising. The fish are rinsed, processed, and put into the onboard blast freeze in the shortest possible. F/V St. Jude offers products such as canned albacore, pouch packs, and sashimi grade fillets.

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Overnight and 2nd day delivery available.

+1 (425) 378-0680
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