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Garden & Valley Isle Seafood, Inc.

Garden & Valley Isle Seafood Inc is a Honolulu based major exporter and importer of the finest seafood of the Pacific. Over the past 12 years, their firm has established itself as a fine quality company with the knowledge and experience to serve a vast clientele. Their shipping connections allow deliveries of fresh seafood within 24 hours to their customers on the West Coast. Also, they ship to the East Coast and around the globe on a daily basis. They offer a variety of seafood products from sources in New Zealand, Japan, Tahiti, Fiji, and the Pacific region. Additionally, they import products from Costa Rica, Canada, Chile, the Pacific Rim, and many other islands in the South Pacific.

Overnight Delivery
Distribution Notes

Overnight delivery available via FedEx and UPS. Air freight available as well.

+1 (800) 689-2733
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