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Hallvard Lerøy USA, Inc.

Hallvard Lerøy USA, Inc. of Chapel Hill, North Carolina is the leading importer of Norwegian seafood, with roots dating back to 1899. Traditionally a family owned and operated company, Hallvard Lerøy USA is now a public limited company. Living off the natural resources produced in the sea, they rely on these resources being properly managed in order to continue selling the best seafood for many years to come. Striving to find the most environmentally friendly and sustainable systems for their products, they work in close cooperation with customers and suppliers of fish feed and transport. The company monitors their CO2 emissions from transportation, and collaborates with their suppliers to reduce their environmental impact.

As a response to market development and customer requirements, Hallvard Lerøy USA's innovative product development caters to consumer needs and trends. Their long-term goal is to develop products that satisfy the current and future requirements for healthy, easy, and tasteful seafood, such as the award-winning “oven ready” salmon, and sandwich-sliced smoked salmon. Hallvard Lerøy USA offers an online calendar outlining which products are available throughout the year, as well as provides information about the fish before harvest. Traceability is guaranteed from roe to plate. The roe and milt are collected from the broodstock fish, fertilized, and placed in a hatchery. After about a year, the fish are moved to deepwater fjord farms, which, combined with the melting glacier water and seawater, allow for optimal water quality. This results in pure, signature “fjord quality” texture and taste. Hallvard Lerøy USA's Fjord Trout complies with the highest Quality Standard for Norwegian Fjord Trout (NS-9412-2010), ensuring consistent high-quality and fresh products. Sold under the brand Aurora Salmon, Hallvard Lerøy USA's salmon grow slowly in the cold waters, resulting in a premium product. Aurora Salmon locations have received the best MOM scores (Modelling, Ongrowing fish/farms production facility, Monitoring), and are shipped internationally in half the regular flight time on unique salmon-specific aircrafts. Hallvard Lerøy USA's king crab are shipped live in a state of hibernation, and are available year-round.

All of their seafood is fully traceable from ocean to plate through the Fishtrack program, and deliveries are made multiple times in a day. Ensuring the highest quality products processed in their HACCP, BRC, and ISO facilities, Hallvard Lerøy USA cares about people, environment, and seafood. Food safety is monitored throughout the supply chain, and the company provides detailed reports of their safety certifications. Their products are sustainably rated through MSC, ASC, and the Global GAP Aquaculture Standard and Debio Organic Aquaculture Standard. They are a wholly integrated company, carefully following each step in the production process in an effort to take care of the environment, the fish they produce, and all people involved in their business. The company’s vision is “Lerøy in every kitchen,” and they use their extensive international network to delivery high-quality products as well as produce annual company reports to stay connected with suppliers and consumers.

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