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Harbor Pride Seafood

Established in 2014, Harbor Pride Seafood LLC is a family-owned and operated distributor and wholesaler in Santa Cruz, CA. With over fifty years of fishing experience between its three founding brothers, Harbor Pride specializes in locally caught seafood from California and the West Coast. With a company-wide goal of providing seafood that goes from dock-to-table within twenty-four hours, Harbor Pride is a favorite amongst local restaurants and distributors.

All Harbor Pride products are sourced from company-owned boats making it easier to ensure that all its seafood is handled with the utmost care. Using sustainable fishing methods, Harbor Pride sells fresh salmon, halibut, sea bass, dungeness crab, and a variety of other species. As Harbor Pride’s offerings are based on seasonal availability, customers are treated to an unparalleled menu of fresh offerings.

Overnight Delivery
Distribution Notes

Delivery is available in the Greater Bay area of California. FOB shipping is available for the Midwest and East, as well as the Pacific Northwest and the Rockies.

+1 (408) 603-0022
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