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Imperial Seafood and Shellfish Inc.

Imperial Seafood and Shellfish is an exclusive purveyor for Sysco. They procure and process a variety of fresh and frozen seafood from around the world. Imperial Seafood and Shellfish is an active advocator for eco-friendly and environmentally conscious seafood and seafood suppliers. The are a member of the Oyster Recovery Partnership, which engages in numerous Chesapeake Bay related projects to educate the public and protect the local environment and its ecosystem. Imperial Seafood and Shellfish is partners with Cleanfish, who specializes in artisan seafood producers who use environmentally sound practices and harvest sustainable species. They are also members of Local Abundance, which provides education for people to establish fundamental principles of sustainability with regards to seafood sourcing and purchasing.

Overnight Delivery
Distribution Notes

Delivery available via Sysco available in the United States, please contact Imperial Seafood and Shellfish for more information.

+1 (419) 666-3474
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