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J and M Seafoods

J and M Seafoods is a small seafood distributor and fishing operation located in Seattle, Washington. Specializing in Alaskan caught seafood, the company founded by Jacob Hand and Mike Meints strives to connect local businesses with the highest quality products, caught responsibly in sustainably managed fisheries. Aboard their vessel the Morning Star, J and M Seafoods catches southeast Alaska spot prawn, freezing them onboard to ensure their seafood tastes just as good on your dinner plate as the day it was caught. Standing with those fisherman who seek to continue the tradition of protecting our precious waterways and wildlife, J and M Seafoods looks forward to expanding their sustainable seafood line and creating new fans in years to come.

Overnight Delivery
Distribution Notes

Weekly deliveries available to customers in the Pacific Northwest.

+1 (603) 369-2265
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