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John Nagle Co.

John Nagle Co., a full-line wholesaler of fresh and frozen seafood, was founded in 1887 by John J. Nagle. Since then, four generations of the Nagle family have upheld their strong commitment to family traditions and values within the seafood industry. The founders great-grandson, Charles Nagle, is the company's current president.


The John Nagle Co.'s 80,000-square-foot building specifically designed for seafood handling, is located in the Boston Marine Industrial Park on Boston’s historic waterfront. The HACCP-certified facility is within view of Boston Logan International Airport. This proximity to Logan ensures efficient domestic and international air freight transportation. The company's Research and Quality Assurance Laboratory on the premises makes certain their seafood meets the highest standards of quality and freshness. The 32,000 square feet of cooler and freezer space, designed to process and store a wide variety of orders, accommodates inventory according to rigid product specifications. 

Vendor Relations

For over 120 years the Nagle family has developed strong relationships with aquaculturalists, processors and many of the oldest fishing families in the United States and around the world. The company is committed to our extensive global network of suppliers and strive to maintain and develop these strong partnerships. 

Customer Relations

The John Nagle Co. understands that superior customer service is the key to success. Their experienced buyers and sales staff constantly monitor market conditions and trends, product availability and sustainability. The company strives to provide our customers with the knowledge necessary to develop their own business models. Their experienced customer service staff is dedicated to ensuring that each order is processed in a timely and accurate manner. They constantly monitor and inspect the quality of our products and take pride in working closely with our customers to meet their goals and expectations.


Overnight Delivery
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Overnight delivery available via FedEx. Air and Truck shipments are made everyday except Sunday.

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