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Joseph Robertson

Founded in 1878 by Joseph Robertson, the company proudly boasts a fourth generation of family ownership totally committed to the ideals of producing high-quality, best-value seafood products from sustainable sources. Located in the heart of the Aberdeen fishing community in Scotland, Joseph Robertson has one of the most modern fish manufacturing sites in the UK. The company specialises in secondary food processing and is one of the largest independent value-added seafood manufacturers in the UK. Joseph Robertson supplies a range of products to major retailers across the UK, manufacturing for the retailers’ own label brands. Joseph Robertson prides itself on innovation and being able to deliver products that are ahead of the market and in touch with global trends. Core product lines include coated fillets, traditional fishcakes, melting centre fishcakes and handcrafted meal solutions.

The company was also the UK's first seafood supplier to participate in the Ocean Disclosure Project (ODP). Being a part of the project means that Joseph Robertson has voluntarily and publicly disclosed information on its work towards sustainable seafood sourcing. As responsible sourcing is a core company value, Joseph Robertson will continue to align itself in ways that support sustainable seafood to help focus efforts on areas of improvement and to influence the supply chain in the right direction.

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Sustainability Partnerships

Ocean Disclosure Project

4 results
Program Name Country State / Province
Intercity Packers Meat & Seafood Canada British Columbia
Joseph Robertson United Kingdom SCOTLAND
North Atlantic, Inc. United States Maine
Tradex Foods Inc. Canada British Columbia

Sustainable Fisheries Partnership

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Program Name Country State / Province
Beaver Street Fisheries, Inc. United States Florida
Fortune Fish & Gourmet United States Illinois
Joseph Robertson United Kingdom SCOTLAND
Lihini Sea Foods Ltd Sri Lanka
Seattle Fish Company United States Colorado

Sustainable Seafood Coalition

2 results
Program Name Country State / Province
Joseph Robertson United Kingdom SCOTLAND
Kingfish Zeeland Netherlands
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