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Lee Fish USA provides fresh and frozen, New Zealand-caught finfish to customers throughout North America. Lee Fish USA is a subsidiary of Leigh Fisheries Limited, which was founded in 1956 in the small village of Leigh in the North Island of New Zealand. Over the years, the company has expanded launching Lee Fish Europe in 1998, Lee Fish USA in 2001, and Lee Fish Asia in 2010. Leigh Fisheries Limited and its subsidiaries annually supply 8,000,000 pounds of high quality fish to satisfied customers all over the world.

Lee Fish USA is recognized as a leader in the marketing and importing of high quality fish from New Zealand and throughout the Pacific. Strategically located within a few miles from Los Angeles International Airport, Lee Fish USA receives daily shipments of fresh and frozen fish right from New Zealand. Their proximity to Los Angeles International Airport allows Lee Fish USA to redirect their products to customers throughout North America on the very same day they arrive. The team at Lee Fish USA is so efficient, that they can deliver their fish to the end-user within 24 to 36 hours of it being caught in New Zealand waters. 

Throughout the years the “Lee" brand has been recognized for its quality and volumes. All of their New Zealand-caught products are managed under a quota management system administered by the New Zealand Ministy of Fisheries. In addition to providing an array of different seafood options from New Zealand and the Pacific, Lee Fish USA has a selection of Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified products. Their dedicated warehouse personnel meticulously oversee all the inbounds and shipments, while their sales and administrative staff work tirelessly to ensure their customers are always happy and satisfied with their Lee Fish products. 

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