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Lusamerica Foods, Inc.

Lusamerica Foods, Inc. has been supplying quality seafood for over 30 years in California and the Western U.S. Lusamerica Foods, Inc. has an emphasis on sustainable, local, traceable products and work with vendor and customer partners and NGOs to affect positive change in the seafood industry. Lusamerica Foods, Inc. is committed to providing reduced carbon footprint choices. Lusamerica Foods, Inc. packages products in compostable and recyclable trays and boxes and reuses or recycles 100% of incoming Styrofoam.

Serious About Seafood Sustainability

Lusamerica Foods is committed to environmentally responsible business practices and to helping customers meet their corporate responsibility goals by offering a broad range of sustainable seafood products. Lusamerica Foods, Inc. has partnered with the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), which operates the most rigorous and widely recognized certification program in the world for sustainability and environmental responsibility in wild-capture fisheries. They are MSC chain of custody certified for a wide variety of seafood.

Lusamerica’s Achievements

  • They have increased their offerings of “Best Choice” and “Good Alternative” products by 37%, and dropped their purchases of products labeled as unsustainable by 7%.
  • They have discontinued the sale of unsustainable species and non-MSC-certified Chilean seabass.

Other Sustainability Efforts

  • Promoting fisheries that use more environmentally sensitive harvest methods.
  • Working with suppliers to ensure work conditions and compensation practices are fair, safe and economically sustainable for fishers and workers.
  • Participating in projects to improve practices in fisheries at the ground level, including working closely with World Wildlife Fund on Ecuadorian mahi-mahi and Indonesian tuna.
  • Providing reduced carbon footprint choices. They offer premium frozen and previously frozen products that have been processed and frozen as close as possible to the point of harvest. The frozen seafood can then be transported by container vessels, rail and truck, all of which produce less carbon emissions than air shipments of fresh fish. In addition, the highest quality fish from many remote fisheries is often a previously frozen item.


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Overnight delivery available via FedEx. Truck delivery available as well.

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