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Madhouse Oysters

Madhouse Oysters is an oyster farm on the Chesapeake Bay founded by Ted Cooney.   Madhouse oysters begin life in their Hooper’s Island facility before being moved for grow-out to their leased grounds out on the main stem of the Chesapeake Bay.

Their mid-bay location is the perfect finishing school for a cultured oyster with the saltiness you love coupled with that hint of sweet found exclusively on these legendary oystering grounds.

Sustainability means the capacity to endure—that’s what Madhouse oysters provide for the bay and its inhabitants. Oysters clean the water, make it clearer, negate nitrogen, encourage eelgrass survival, and create a cozy living environment for fish and other water creatures.

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Delivery available via air freight in the United States and Canada

+1 (410) 310-4132
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