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Established in Iceland in 2010, Matorka’s whole business is designed to protect the environment while producing healthy seafood. Matorka was started by a group of entrepreneurs wanting to provide food using Icelandic natural resources, and providing sustainable and healthy Icelandic seafood has remained a core value of the company since its inception.

Matorka is a leader in sustainable and environmentally friendly fish farming. Its land-based fish farms are run on green, sustainable energy and at the same time, are designed to minimize power use. Any carbon footprint the company makes is offset by tree planting and therefore the company is considered carbon neutral. Matorka uses geothermal waters to regulate temperatures at the farms, giving the company the ability to optimize growth through the use of sustainable energy.

Matorka focuses on raising arctic char and every fish Matorka sells is processed with an attention to detail because the company recognizes it’s customers deserve high-quality products. The company is compliant with Iceland’s strict seafood processing and safety protocols, such as HACCP.

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CNF main airports US and/or EU. Please contact Matorka for additional details on delivery and distribution options.

Pall Einarsson
+1 (354) 854-0228
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