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McRoberts Sales Co., Inc.

As a licensed wholesale distributor of frozen seafood with over 40 years of experience, McRoberts Sales Co., Inc. specializes in supplying whole round fish, shrimp, and shellfish for the specific dietary needs of zoo and aquarium animals. 

Founded in 1968, McRoberts Sales Co., Inc. was established by Eugene McRoberts, a native of Ruskin, Florida. In the early 1970’s, as aquariums were emerging in Florida, Eugene saw the need for those facilities to have a reliable source of frozen fish for their marine mammals. In the early 1990’s McRoberts Sales Co., Inc. took this initiative further and established a larger presence with zoos, parks, and aquariums. Working closely with their fish producers, McRoberts Sales Co,. Inc. stresses the importance of quality, integrity, and dependability of their fish as well as their production facilities. 

With multiple freezer locations nationwide, McRoberts Sales Co., Inc. has the resources to help your facility with any size order, anywhere in the world. Utilizing common carriers and cargo vessels, they deliver wholesome quality seafood products for your priceless animals. 

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Overnight delivery available via FedEx in the United States. Common carrier delivery available via United States and Canada. Export services available worldwide.

+1 (813) 645-2561
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