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Merchant's Garden

Merchant’s Garden of Tucson, Arizona is an hydroponics and aquaculture facility operating under the mission of making fresh food accessible and affordable. Believing that healthy food is a human right and that every single person should have access to it, Merchant’s Garden provides their Tucson customers with unprecedented access to fresh vegetables and locally raised, sustainable tilapia.

Currently offering fresh Nile tilapia raised via a recirculating aquaculture system, the nutrient rich water produced by the fish is reused to fertilize and grow a variety of fresh vegetables. Merchant's Garden’s utilization of urban aquaponics makes low cost and high volume production possible without sacrificing the quality of their end products. Recognizing that seafood sustainability is a critical environmental issue worldwide, Merchant’s Garden hopes to drive awareness to the utilization of environmentally-friendly fish farms as a means of reducing human impact on our oceans and its inhabitants.

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+1 (520) 405-2057
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