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Founded in 1997, Moalia is a seafood importer and exporter located in the Spanish province of Murcia. Specializing in fresh tuna imports from Sri Lanka and the Maldives, Moalia's long history of sourcing quality tuna established them as an early pioneer in the sashimi tuna field. In addition to tuna, Moalia also offers a rotating selection of fresh fish popular amongst their gourmet aficionados that includes swordfish, monkfish and John Dory.

In an effort to only source tuna from sustainable stocks that use minimal impact catch methods, Moalia employs a number of measures to ensure they’re sourcing their seafood responsibly. Moalia’s tuna from the Indian Ocean is caught by fishermen on small boats called ‘Dhonis’ that employ handlines and artisanal poles and line. Artisanal pole and line gear are composed of a rigid pole measuring 2-3 meter long and a short line with a feathered jig on a barbless hook. The pole is held by a fisherman standing on a platform that runs the length of the vessels stern. This catch method is considered more sustainable than others as by directly targeting a single fish it reduces incidents of bycatch.

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Currently serving customers in Europe and United States. Please contact MOALIA for more distribution information.

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