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Morning Star Fisheries LLC

Morning Star Fisheries LLC has spent decades on the front lines of innovative fishery management to protect ocean resources like implementing new standards for how fisheries operate, reducing by-catch, increasing accountability, and doing its part to guarantee that commercial fishing lives on in its community for the generations of the future.

Now, the company's fishing operations, the F/V Mr. Morgan and F/V Miss Moriah have come together to create a seafood company owned and operated by harvesters that are committed to being the trusted source for local seafood direct from boats working the waters off of Half Moon Bay, California.

Morning Star's groundfish products are harvested under the highly regulated West Coast Groundfish Catch Share System. This quota-based system guarantees a level of accountability for the company's catch. Human observers and/or experimental cameras are on Morning Star's boats to monitor every pound of fish that's caught, which also ensures accurate reporting when each groundfish is offloaded. Morning Star is also a founding member of the California Groundfish Collective, a group of fishermen along the coast of California who have teamed up to adapt their businesses to create healthier oceans and better, more productive fisheries and coastal communities. 

The company believes that fishing better does mean better fish. Its small day boat operations bring in high-quality seafood that is handled with care the moment it comes on board until it's sent to its final destination. The company's trawl operations use modified gear, light touch, detailed spatial planning and short targeted towing technology to only harvest groundfish. Morning Star uses a full utilization model to reduce waste and carefully harvest desirable species of rockfish and sole in a sustainably-managed fishery.

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