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Mowi Canada West
Mowi Canada West farms Atlantic salmon in the pristine waters of Vancouver Island and the Central Coast of British Columbia, producing approximately 40,000 metric tons of fresh and healthy Atlantic salmon. Mowi farms its Atlantic salmon using an integrated system of broodstock selection, freshwater hatcheries, saltwater farms, and a state-of-the-art processing plant. Employing approximately 600 people in rural British Columbia, Mowi Canada West provides year-round meaningful employment to many British Columbian families. The company's experienced staff works to ensure that its fresh and sustainable fish reach consumers every day.
The company recognizes environmental integrity, transparency, and innovation as key values. Mowi Canada West dedicates resources to ongoing and technological innovation to learn more about the local environment where its farms operate and to continue to reduce its environmental footprint. A member of the Global Salmon Initiative, Mowi Canada West is committed to environmental sustainability and has set a goal to achieve ASC certification at 100% of its farms by 2020. The company is able to provide a consistent supply of fresh ASC-certified salmon all year. 
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Delivery by truck and air. Please contact Mowi Canada West for additional information on delivery and distribution options.

+1 (250) 850-3276
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ASC-C- 00540
Aquaculture Stewardship Council
Marine Stewardship Council
Best Aquaculture Practices 4-Star
Best Aquaculture Practices 4-Star
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