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Mt. Cook Alpine Salmon

Mt. Cook Alpine Salmon has been in operation for over 20 years, raising freshwater Chinook salmon in the antique glacial waters flowing through hydro canals in New Zealand’s Southern Alps. Their company was the first to utilize the man-made canals that support New Zealand’s largest renewable hydro scheme, and the first New Zealand freshwater farm to export around the world. The water found in this environment is fresh, highly oxygenated, and constantly flowing, keeping the fish healthy and lean, and eliminating the need for any added growth hormones, vaccines, pesticides, or antibiotics. Their products are found today in the best restaurants and finest food retailers across the globe.

The salmon from Mt. Cook are raised using environmentally sustainable farming practices with minimal intervention, a skilled staff, and low stocking densities to allow the fish room to comfortably live and grow. Their feed contains no mammalian elements, is GMO free, and is certified sustainably sourced. All fish from Mt.Cook are also hand-fed for nutrition and health, not for maximum weight gain. Mt. Cook Alpine Salmon individually tags each of their salmon, assuring full traceability for their buyers. Their unique aquaterroir and ethos of 'hands-off' farming produce a sustainable salmon with a distinct taste and texture.

Overnight Delivery
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Fresh chilled products delivered by air freight. Frozen products delivered by sea freight. Overnight delivery available within New Zealand. Please contact Mt. Cook Alpine Salmon for all other delivery and distribution options.

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