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North Atlantic, Inc.

North Atlantic Inc. (NAI) of Portland, Maine is an importer and processor, specializing in wild-caught seafood from the archipelago of Indonesia. Working in conjunction with their Bali-based subsidiary Bali Seafood International (BSI), NAI’s “boots on the ground” approach creates accountability throughout the supply chain, delivering quality wild-caught seafood to the U.S. market. Recognizing that corporate social responsibility is just plain good business, NAI and BSI work tirelessly to provide products that their customers can feel good about buying and that respects and empowers the fisher communities from which their products are sourced.

Sourcing the majority of their fish from Indonesian Fishery Improvement Projects, customers are offered the direct benefits of cultural insight and supply chain management from the source to the buyer. Indonesia’s eastern archipelago, a part of Southeast Asia’s Coral Triangle offers NAI customers unique access to seafood from the world’s most bio-diverse marine ecosystem. Regular seafood offerings include customer favorites such as swordfish, grouper, and mahi-mahi and expands to more specialty species including sweetlips, goldband snapper, and emperor fish. In addition to their Indonesian sourced seafood, NAI and BSI also imports British Retail Consortium - certified seafood from Vietnam, as well as MSC, certified fresh and frozen New England groundfish.

Committed to the health of the regions they source from, NAI and BSI have pioneered a commercially sponsored fishery management model that’s striving to change the global conversation about what sustainability and social responsibility need to look like to work long term. In Indonesia, their small boat fisheries have taken an ecosystem-centric approach to sustainability where success is measured through the efficiency of the supply chain, positive social impact, and the overall fisheries management. Through extensive educational measures and real-time incentives, the fisher communities that NAI and BSI work with are using more environmentally friendly catch methods, minimizing the landing of immature fish, supporting the regeneration of vulnerable fish stocks, and ensuring the vitality of the area for years to come.



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