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Northeast Seafood Products, Inc.

Northeast Seafood was founded in 1980 with a mission to bring fresh, hand selected seafood from Massachusetts to Colorado. Beginning as an idea for founder Blair Joyce while working for a seafood company near Boston Harbor, the company quickly grew from a single mobile refrigerator in the back of a pickup truck, to a 31,000-foot facility located in Denver, Colorado where they are still located today.

Specializing in a wide variety of seafood, Northeast Seafood stocks everything from sushi-grade seafood, to wild and farmed fish, crab, and lobster. The company prides itself in hand selecting its fish and cutting it to chef specifications seven days a week, bringing globally sourced seafood to customers in the Rocky Mountain region.

Northeast Seafood is dedicated to being environmentally responsible and supporting sustainable fishing methods. By supporting fish farmers and fisherman who are dedicated to minimizing impacts to ecosystem pressures, they are able to provide fresh, great tasting products for their customers.

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Delivery available via Northeast Seafood Products in Colorado and Kansas. Delivery available in Texas and Wyoming via common carrier.

**Minimum order required but dependent on location**

+1 (303) 373-2226ext. 1
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