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Ocean Beauty Seafoods LLC

History and Ownership

Ocean Beauty began in 1910 as a store on the Seattle waterfront called the Washington Fish and Oyster Company. Today, Ocean Beauty Seafoods LLC is a privately held limited liability company, with 50% owned by the Bristol Bay Economic Development Corporation (BBEDC), and the other 50% owned by a group of individuals with decades of experience in the fish business. The BBEDC is a Community Development Quota (CDQ) corporation, a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to promote economic growth and opportunities for residents of BBEDC’s member communities through sustainable use of the Bering Sea's resources.

Mission and Vision 

The mission of Ocean Beauty Seafoods LLC. is to deliver the safest and highest quality sustainable seafood products to the world. Their goal is to diversify and grow their global business while providing the best possible collaborative environment for our employees, customers, suppliers, and business partners. They also strive to manage a responsible, caring, and sustainable company that works to ensure the economic and social health of the communities in which they operate. Ocean Beauty Seafoods LLC. takes their ability to produce food that is safe and wholesome very seriously and is fully accountable for all aspects of their business and believes a long-term approach is the most responsible way to operate.


Ocean Beauty Seafoods believes that seafood sustainability programs are valid only to the extent that they are measured against internationally recognized scientific standards. The application of these standards must be through a transparent public process that considers the impact of sustainability policies on human communities and does not add unnecessary costs. This is the basis of Ocean Beauty’s sustainability policy. It can be stated as adhering to the following six principles: 

  • Internationally recognized standards are the only acceptable basis of sustainability efforts. 
  • Peer‐reviewed science is central to all meaningful standards. 
  • Sustainability efforts must be measurable against those standards. 
  • Policy management must be public and transparent. 
  • Human community welfare must be included in all sustainability policies. 
  • Incremental costs specific to sustainability efforts should be borne only when absolutely necessary to implement a program consistent with the above five principles. 

Ocean Beauty supports all sustainability efforts that are consistent with these six principles. 

Overnight Delivery
Distribution Notes

Distribution available via Ocean Beauty Seafoods LLC. in the Seattle, Portland, Boise, Salt Lake City, Dallas, Astoria, and Helena areas. Delivery available via air freight available in the United States and Canada. Export services available worldwide. 

**Minimum Order dependent on customer location, please contact Ocean Beauty Seafoods for more information**

+1 (206) 286-2590
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