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Driven by a mission to innovate and incite change in the seafood industry by building a healthy, sustainable relationship with the ocean, OneForNeptune offers healthy, high-protein snack foods that are ethically sourced from small-scale US West Coast fisheries. The company emphasizes the importance of knowing your fish, fisherman, and fishery, and offers this knowledge to its consumers.

OneForNeptune currently produces three flavors of rockfish jerky: Norse Smoke (Original), Honey Lemon Ginger, and Cajun. These jerkies are packed with higher protein, 30-100x the omega-3s, and one-third the saturated fat of beef jerky, as well as being high in brain-building Selenium and Vitamins D & E. The company continues to innovate with new undervalued and underutilized fish species and industry offcuts, seeking to lessen the burden of overfishing, food waste, and seafood fraud on society. While enjoying their shockingly delicious fish jerky, snackers are encouraged to check the “Catch Batch” on the package, where they can read how and where their fish was caught, and about the fisherman who caught it.

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