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A Mexico-based company, Orca Seafoods is dedicated to the production, trading, and export of 100% natural seafood products. Orca recognizes that discerning customers are not only looking for quality seafood, but are also looking for products that are sourced in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. Orca products are wild in origin and the company does not source fish and shellfish during closed seasons which helps contribute to the preservation of local species. The company is invested in the local community and is involved in efforts that support fishing communities. Orca Seafoods has a very clear mission in mind: to foster traditional fishing practices and production strategies and to preserve species and the environment.

The company strives to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding of customers. Orca knows its important for them to be able to continually offer high-quality seafood and to provide culinary alternatives for homes and restaurants. The company closely monitors the movement of its products through the supply chain in order to ensure its guarantee of freshness, texture, and quality for customers. Orca wishes to continue to expand its customers base in the growing seafood market and aims to do so by providing excellent service to its customers.

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    30 results
    Program Name Country State / Province
    Altamar Foods Corporation United States Florida
    Anova Food, LLC United States Florida
    Beaver Street Fisheries, Inc. United States Florida
    Blueyou Ltd. Switzerland ZH
    Bristol Seafood United States Maine
    Chefs Trading United States District of Columbia
    Cox's Wholesale Seafood, LLC. United States Florida
    Da Yang Seafood, Inc. United States Oregon
    Del Pacifico Seafoods LLC United States California
    Handy Seafood Incorporated United States Maryland
    Hilo Fish Company, Inc. United States Hawaii
    IncredibleFish, Inc. United States Florida
    J.P.'s Shellfish, Inc. United States Maine
    Lihini Sea Foods Ltd Sri Lanka
    Maine Shellfish Company United States Maine
    Meliomar, Inc. Philippines
    MiCal Seafood, Inc. United States Florida
    Netuno USA United States Florida
    Norpac Fisheries Export United States Hawaii
    North Atlantic, Inc. United States Maine
    Orca Seafoods Mexico Yucatán
    Paul Piazza & Son, Inc. United States Louisiana
    Pescanova USA United States Florida
    Pontchartrain Blue Crab, Inc. United States Louisiana
    PT. Hatindo Makmur Indonesia Bali
    Sea Delight, LLC. United States Florida
    SmartFish Mexico Distrito Federal
    The Fishin' Company United States Pennsylvania
    The Tuna Store LLC United States Washington
    Tropic Sri Lanka Sri Lanka

    Ocean Wise

    86 results
    Program Name Country State / Province
    7 Seas Fish Co., Ltd. Canada British Columbia
    Acadian Fish Farm Ltd. Canada New Brunswick
    Acadian Sturgeon and Caviar Canada New Brunswick
    Allseas Fisheries Corp. Canada Ontario
    Aqua Star United States Washington
    Atlantic Aqua Farms Partnership Canada Prince Edward Island
    Atlantic Sapphire LLC United States Florida
    Australis Aquaculture United States Massachusetts
    Azuma Foods - Canada Co., Ltd. Canada British Columbia
    B&C Food Distributors Canada British Columbia
    Bee Islets Growers Corp. Canada British Columbia
    Blue Circle Foods United States District of Columbia
    Blue Ocean Mariculture | Hawaiian Kanpachi United States Hawaii
    Blundell Seafoods Canada British Columbia
    Bornstein Seafoods Inc. United States Oregon
    C2C Premium Seafood Canada British Columbia
    Calkins & Burke Canada British Columbia
    Canadian Fishing Company Canada British Columbia
    Carolina Classics Catfish, Inc. United States North Carolina
    Caudle's Catch Seafood Canada Ontario
    Centennial Foodservice Canada Alberta
    City Fish Canada Alberta
    Clear Ocean Seafood Ltd. Canada British Columbia
    Codfathers Seafood Market Canada British Columbia
    Conchyliculture Gloucester Shellfish Co. Inc. Canada New Brunswick
    Daily Seafood Inc. Canada Ontario
    Deepwater Farms Canada Alberta
    En Gros Pierre Canada Quebec
    Export Packers Company Limited Canada Ontario
    Fanny Bay Oysters Canada British Columbia
    Ferme Piscicole des Bobines Canada Quebec
    Frobisher International Enterprise Ltd. Canada British Columbia
    Good4Ushrimp Inc. Canada Ontario
    Grizzly Smokehouse Canada Quebec
    Halibut PEI Inc. Canada Prince Edward Island
    Hollie Wood Oysters Canada British Columbia
    Hudson Valley Fisheries United States New York
    Hudson Valley Seafood United States New York
    Icy Waters Arctic Char Canada Ontario
    IFC Seafood Inc. United States Maine
    Intercity Packers Meat & Seafood Canada British Columbia
    Island Sea Farms, Inc. Canada British Columbia
    Itsumo Foods Canada Ontario
    Kolapore Springs Fish Hatchery Canada Ontario
    Kuterra Limited Partnership Canada British Columbia
    Mac's Oysters, Ltd. Canada British Columbia
    Macgregors Meat & Seafood Ltd. Canada Ontario
    Maison BeauSoleil Canada New Brunswick
    Mariner Neptune Canada Manitoba
    Maximum Seafood Canada Ontario
    Meliomar, Inc. Philippines
    Mind Fish Co. United States California
    Natural Gift Seafoods Canada British Columbia
    Northern Divine Aquafarms Canada British Columbia
    Okanagan Select Canada British Columbia
    Ora King Salmon New Zealand NSN
    Orca Seafoods Mexico Yucatán
    Organic Ocean Seafood Inc. Canada British Columbia
    Pacific Fresh Fish Ltd. Canada Saskatchewan
    Pacific Seafood Group, Inc. United States Oregon
    Pearlmark Foods Inc. Canada Nova Scotia
    Prince Edward Aqua Farms Canada Prince Edward Island
    Pure Salmon Poland
    QCI Shellfish Company Canada British Columbia
    Raincoast Trading Canada British Columbia
    Regal Springs Tilapia USA United States Florida
    Sailor's Seafoods Canada British Columbia
    Salties Imports Canada Alberta
    Samherji Fiskeldi Ltd. Iceland
    Sea Agra Seafood Ltd. Canada British Columbia
    Sea Delight, LLC. United States Florida
    Seacore Seafood Inc. Canada Ontario
    Skipper Otto's Community Supported Fishery Canada British Columbia
    Smokey Bay Seafood Company, Ltd. Canada British Columbia
    Sustainable Blue Canada Nova Scotia
    Taste of BC Aquafarms Inc. Canada British Columbia
    The Lobster Man Canada British Columbia
    The Lobster Place Wholesale Seafood United States New York
    Tradex Foods Inc. Canada British Columbia
    Tri-Star Seafood Supply Ltd. Canada British Columbia
    Waterford Farms Canada Alberta
    West Coast Fishculture (Lois Lake) Ltd. Canada British Columbia
    West Coast Wild Scallops Canada British Columbia
    West Creek Aquaculture Canada British Columbia
    Wild Planet Foods, Inc. United States California
    Willowfield Enterprises Ltd. Canada British Columbia
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