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Pacific Dream Seafoods

Pacific Dream Seafoods of Anacortes, Washington is a privately-owned, family run business specializing in wild-caught seafood. Founded in 2003 by former fishermen and lifelong ocean enthusiasts, Pacific Dream Seafoods' business practices are built on a deep appreciation for the ocean and environment, and the knowledge that the only way to preserve it for future generations is to develop, adopt and enforce responsible fishing and aquaculture policies.

Committed to working with the very best local fisherman and the people who have dedicated their lives to providing healthy, high-quality, sustainable seafood, Pacific Dream Seafoods sources Pacific caught species with a focus on Dungeness crab. Working with their own trusted fleet of fishermen, their Dungeness crabs are moved post-landing to large tanks with a constant flow of seawater running through them. These thoughtfully designed tanks are equipped to add nutrients to the water while removing waste to keep their crabs less crabby. The crabs are then packaged and delivered live to customers, typically within 48 hours of landing ensuring peak freshness.

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Door-to-door and air freight delivery available. Please contact Pacific Dream Seafoods for all delivery and distribution options.

+1 (360) 293-5200
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